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Rates & Fees

Fees & Charges:

Subject to Credit Union's discretion

  • Credit Union Checks (made out to anyone other than member purchasing): $3/each
  • Money Orders: $2/each
  • NSF Deposit: $30.00/per item
  • NSF ATM/Debit Card Transaction: $30.00/per item
  • NSF Share Draft: $30.00/per item
  • NSF ACH: $30.00/per item
  • Courtesy Pay: $30.00/per item
  • Automated Overdraft Transfer from Shares: $10/per transfer
  • Share Draft/ACH Stop Payment: $15.00
  • ATM/Debit Card Replacement: $25.00
  • Returned Mail Fee: $6.00/per item
  • Dormant Account Fee (3 years w/o activity): $6/recurring each month
  • IRA Annual Fee: $25.00-To be applied September 1st of each year
  • Wire Transfer: $20.00

Loan Rates

(March 2020)

TERMless than 600600-624625-650651-674675-699700-749750 plus
New Vehicles

up to 6 years

 up to 5 years12.90%8.49%7.49%6.49%5.49%3.75%3.25%
up to 4 years     3.50%2.99%
up to 3 years     3.25%2.75%
Used Vehiclesup to 6 years14.90%9.49%8.49%7.49%6.49%3.99%3.50%
 up to 5 years13.90%8.49%7.49%6.49%5.49%3.75%3.25%
up to 4 years     3.50%2.99%
up to 3 years     3.25%2.75%
Express - $7,500   13.90%12.90%11.90%8.90%7.90%
Signature Loans 16.90%15.90%14.90%13.90%11.90%10.90%9.90%
Special Sig Loans1 year14.90%13.90%12.90%11.90%9.90%7.90%6.90%
 2 year15.90%14.90%13.90%12.90%10.90%8.90%


 3 year16.90%15.90%14.90%13.90%11.90%9.90%8.90%
Other 14.90%13.90%12.90%11.90%9.90%8.90%7.90%

Find common types of savings accounts in the first column, followed by dividend rate and APY in the following two columns

Savings Account Rates

(March 2020)

SavingsDividend RateAPY*
Common Shares (Up to $9,999.99)0.05%0.05%
Common Shares (Up to $19,999.99)0.10%0.10%
Common Shares ($20,000.00>)0.15%0.15%
Special Shares (Club Accounts)0.05%0.05%
IRA Shares0.50%0.50%

Find the length of the certificate in the first column, followed by the minimum balance, dividend rate and APY for that certificate.

Certificate Rates

(March 2020)

CertificatesMinimum BalanceDividend RateAPY*
6 Month Certificate$10000.25%0.25%
12 Month Certificate$10000.50%0.50%
24 Month Certificate$10000.75%0.75%